What are the functions of the modern site?

Today site promotion is one of the most effective marketing tools. Every businessman wants his website to be especially popular. But the placement of all sorts of advertising is not enough. What is important is an integrated approach to the promotion of the resource. Then we can expect an increase in sales of the offered goods and services. How to actually achieve this? Of course, thanks to the attraction of a large number of targeted visitors to the site. They can get either from other web resources or from different search engines, which is more likely.

What are the functions of the modern site


  1. The first function of the site can be called representative. The webmaster’s site optimization is taking into account the resource’s popularity indicator. For some, the total number of all visitors is important, while for others, narrowed groups are of interest (for example, of a single geographic region). In any case, if you want to attract the maximum number of potential customers, you should pay more attention to the content – the articles that are posted on the company’s website. After all, if truly interesting, meaningful information is presented, if it contains important keywords, attendance will slowly start to grow. In addition, it would be wrong to think that those who are not the direct purchaser are superfluous, that is, “untargeted” visitors. First, the law of probability can work at the most, as they say, unexpected moment, and the one who did not plan to acquire anything from you will become a regular customer. Secondly, all visitors, without exception, are the most important channel for the promotion of the company’s brand.
  2. When talking about the functions of sites, we should not lose sight of the generation of potential buyers. It is important how many visitors initiated contact. Since the forms are filled with so-called feedback, not only potential customers, but also special robots involved in sending spam, you have to manually select “useful” messages and “unhealthy” ones. But the indicator that determines the number of meaningful hits is an indicator of the productivity of the Internet resource. Optimizers relate the number of target visitors and the number of initiated contacts, which allows them to determine ways to improve usability. Thus, such metrics as the number, volume of initiated contacts, the number of visitors to pages with forms, the total number of “important” (target) visitors are always tracked. And, of course, it is important what position in search engines a site takes for various key requests. It also determines the number of pages that are requested by search engine robots.

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