Science fiction is gradually becoming a reality

The goal of many technologists is to introduce technical innovations into everyday life, which you didn’t even think you would need, but now you can’t live without them. Some products have almost reached the point of excellence.

  1. Conversational computer

This device is Google Home. Unlike competing devices, it has access to Google’s massive brain and artificial intelligence. Plus a removable base in seven colors to fit your own home.

2. Fully exciting virtual reality

Many people have now tried out the stereotypical headset of virtual reality, using a smartphone as a video signal source. And, surprisingly, such a trick so easily captures people. But a full-fledged exciting virtual reality is the same shock for the senses, but in a square. Or rather in a cube. The passionate choice of virtual reality headset fans is in fact the Oculus Rift, not well known to everyone, but Vive, from the Taiwanese manufacturer of HTC phones.

3. Social media for adults

Social media applications are at the center of an over-sharing of information, exciting teenagers’ lives — sometimes this leads to their parents being puzzled. But now there are social applications for adults. Vero is one of the most impressive and sophisticated inventions, because it allows you to better control your news and choose who sees what. Thus, there is less danger in distributing too much information. You can discuss things such as music, movies, and recommendations on restaurants with individual groups that may actually be interested in them. Less social media, more social life.

4. Smart robot

This is an invention of smart technology with some seriously impressive movements: this robot can break-dance, conduct training sessions or just work with children for several hours.

5. Suitcase that is not lost

The best technology is the one that solves the real problem. Loss of luggage is a lasting concern for those who fly regularly. The A28 Check from the New York startup Raden is a beautifully built suitcase that you can track using the app on your smartphone. So you will always know where he is, even when he is where he should be. He weighs himself, so you will never suffer the shame of repacking at check-in to avoid excess baggage fees. And he can charge your phone up to four times


The increasing development of information technology leads to a rapid change in social relations. Reality dictates a different rhythm of life. Long reasoning without clear decisions and actions are a thing of the past. The winner is the one who quickly recognizes patterns and knows how to communicate them to others in clear language.

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